Answered Prayer Testimonials


I really appreciate hearing from you. Actually, I am very much in love right now. I think about my prayer agent from time to time and am so grateful to her. The wedding will be in the winter.

Alisa, Los Angeles

Last year when I did my 40 day prayer project, I asked that Jeremy find his soul mate by his birthday this year. That happens to be today, and I'm very grateful to God to be able to say that he is engaged to a wonderful girl. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be connected to God in such a wonderful way. I'm so grateful that God led me to do the 40 day prayer project. It not only blessed Jeremy and Hollie, but it changed my life in the process.

Sherry Schoenwald, Texas

I asked you to pray with me concerning a soul mate for my niece, Tricia. I am happy to inform you that she is now engaged! They are very we all are!! Thought you would like the update. Thank you so much for your prayers on Tricia's behalf!

Donna Alexander, Texas

Shortly after I met Myles, I asked that you pray for me 40 days that my soul mate should be revealed to me. One month later we were engaged and one more month after that we were married. Attached is a picture taken right after my wedding.

Lisa, New York

I wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know that on July 4th I became engaged! I wanted to thank you for all your help and assistance with arranging to have the Rabbi pray on my behalf. If you could please let him know I am now engaged to a wonderful kind man. And please send him my thanks and utter appreciation for his prayers. I am so grateful to God for bringing me such a wonderful man.

Erin, Chicago

I'm engaged! Thank G-d! We met within a month of my prayer request and got engaged a few weeks later. Thank you so much for all the praying on my behalf. I am so grateful and appreciative!

Carolan, Washington, D.C.

We are engaged! Thank you so much for your prayer agent's successful prayers!

Deborah, San Francisco

I had been dating for marriage for 5 years and I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Then, I asked you to pray 40 days at the Wailing Wall for me.  That period of time I was dating someone very seriously and I asked for a blessing for this relationship, but you told me that I should only make a general prayer, and not specifically for this guy.  Well, that relationship didn’t work out!  Instead I met another man with incredible character and we got married 7 months ago! It has been incredible.  Thank you for everything!

Ella Sanders, New York

Although I never would have pictured myself getting someone to pray for me, I decided to give it a try. Around the 30th day I met an incredible man and got engaged to him soon after that. We are now happily married. I want to thank you so much for all of your prayers!

Lea, New York

I have had quite an experience with the 40-days! Just after the completion of my first 40-days I met a man that I was sure was my soul-mate. There was just one problem that held us back. So, I enlisted another prayer agent. Well, now that the second 40-days is finally complete, my soul-mate and I are finally happily together! Thank you for everything!

Jennifer, Toronto

About a year ago I used your services and had someone pray for me so that I would find my soulmate and get married. I'm happy to say that a few months after the 40 days was over, I found someone and we got married May of 2010. I wanted to say thank you and share the great news with you and the person who prayed for me.

Joshua, Montrea

For many years, I tried all kinds of spiritual ways to find my soulmate- giving charity, receiving blessings, etc. What worked for me at the end was 40 days of prayers on my behalf at the Wailing Wall - the holiest area in the world where we have a direct line to God. If it worked for me, it can work for just about anyone else who earnestly turns to Him.

Tom, Arizona

Thank God, as of this past Friday I'm engaged! In line with the suggestion when doing the 40 days of prayer, I committed to giving a donation if I were to meet the girl who would become my bride within 3 months of the prayers ending. I'm thrilled that it took less than 2 months for me to both meet her and get engaged!

Sammy, Canada

I sent you pictures and names of my dear children, and a request to pray for them for success in finding their soulmates. I am happy to share that my daughter is now a Mrs. Thank you for caring and thank God for giving us the opportunity to call out to Him through your organization.

Annie, San Diego

I asked for 40 days for my soul mate last fall and got engaged! And guess what? Our first date was at the end of the 40 days at the Wailing Wall! Thank you.

Samantha, Chicago

Just wanted to let you know that my sister Laura got engaged only a few days after the 40 days were finished. Thank you so much for your part in this happy ending.

Tina, Washington

I recently wrote to you after my husband and I thank God got married. We met during the 40 days.  Thank you so much for all you efforts. May you continue doing amazing work.

Karen, Detroit

Remember when I first contacted you? I was so sure that the girl I’d just broken up with was my soul mate, and I begged you to pray that I marry her. Well, luckily for me you asked that I agree to add the words “if it’s for the best”, and eventually I gave in. A couple months later, I met Hannah and to make a long story short, I’ll just say that I had never expected such a great, clear, unmistakable, and wonderful fulfillment of the prayers. Few, so few, are lucky enough to find this happiness, and thank God, Hannah and I are now among them.  Sometimes I think this love is so strong that it can light the whole world. God willing, we are marrying in May, and you and my prayer agent will be guests of honor!

Victor, Albany

I want to let you know that my son got engaged yesterday! When I got in touch with you on February 16th you suggested that I should make a commitment that if my prayers will be answered in a certain time I will make a donation. I did what you told me , I said that if my son got engaged in 3 months I will make the donation. Incredibly , on the 90th day he decided to get engaged to this wonderful girl that is so right for him.

Brenda, South Africa

I just wanted to share the wonderful news that I am a bride!!! I am engaged to a wonderful man, who is exactly everything I prayed for. Thank you so much for giving me the extra merit, that I am sure impacted the heavens!

Donna, Maryland

Thank you so much for praying from me to find my soul mate. I wanted to let you know that I just got married last week to an amazing man. My prayers were finally answered. Thank you very much for your help.

Karyn, South Dakota

I signed up for my brother who was very keen to get married, but was having a hard time. His heart had been broken more than once and I worried that he was scarred. I wanted to let you know that he found his Ms. Right and just got married. They are simply perfect for each other.

Anna, Oregon

We asked you to pray 40 days from my brother Danny to find a wife. Exactly one month after the 40th day, he got engaged to Sharon. They had gone out on one date several years ago but it never went anywhere. A family friend tried to pursuade them to give it another shot but they were reluctant. Eventually they agreed. That's when we wrote to you asking you to pray. I definitely believe that the prayers said for my brother at the Wall helped us get where we are today. Its amazing because Sharon says that she knew he was "the one" on July 28th, and our 40 days ended on July 23. I think they needed the full 40 days of prayer in order to reach that point. Now we are all busy planning a December wedding.

Cheryl, New York

The first time I wrote to you I asked that you pray that the woman I was seeing would agree to marry me. It did not happen, in fact we broke up altogether. So I asked you to just pray for me to find the right wife. Soon after I changed my prayer, I met a lady named Ivy and it quickly became serious. Now we are engaged! We plan to get married in December and honeymoon in Israel, where we will sure to be visit the Wall to thank God for answering our prayers. Thank you for helping me find the right prayer and for praying for me with all your heart.

Dennis, Georgia

After the first 40 days you prayed for me to find my husband, nothing happened but I felt that it was the right thing to sign up for a second 40 days. Shortly after the second period ended, someone was suggested for me. As soon as I met him I knew that he was perfect for me and Thank God we are now married. I feel that the prayers said on my behalf at the Wall played a major role in this amazing story. Thank you.

Nancy, New Jersey

I have good news. I got engaged! Thanks so much for your efforts.

Eva, Wisconsin

Thank you so much for praying at the Wailing Wall on behalf of my daughter. She got engaged to a wonderful young man a few weeks ago (after dating for close to five years). I believe that all the many merits on her behalf, including your kind efforts at the Wall, contributed to this joyous occasion.

Mrs. G, New Jersey

just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the good news. I got engaged last night . I feel so blessed and cannot thank God enough. Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf.

Abigail, Montreal

You prayed for me about a year ago to find my marriage partner. Soon after, someone suggested setting me up with a certain guy but it did not work out at the time. Now I am pleased to report that we finally met, and the good news is. we're engaged.

Sarah, Fort Lauderdale

I live in Sydney, Australia. I asked you to pray that I meet a great girl looking for a real relationship. During Spring Break I decided to go down to Melbourne with a good friend of mine. You wouldn't believe it… I met a really nice girl there!!! We are still going out and hopefully it will develop into something even better!  I’ll keep you posted on what's happening!  All I can say is thank you very, very much and may God bless you all!

Patrick, Sydney

Thank you for your email. The timing is interesting, as I thank God got engaged this past weekend. Thank you for praying for me to get married!

Debra and Bryan

I asked you to pray for me that I would find the woman I was meant to marry. After the 40 days’ prayer, two different people (not connected to each other) decided to try and set us up. We met, and thank God, we are now happily married.  Many thanks for your great work.

Jack, Florida

When I contacted you I was so convinced that the person I’d just broken up with was my soul mate and I wanted you to pay that it would work out. Well, you convinced me to let you pray that I marry the person who is right for me and that we should find each other soon. Before the 40 days even ended, I got engaged! We’re perfect for each other, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for praying for me. It was surely your prayer that brought my soul mate.

Bonnie, Connecticut

So after my first 40 days I met Alan and he proposed. Our next prayers to help overcome our engagement pitfalls were also answered! We just got married.  Thank you so much.

Beth and Alan, Florida

I asked you to pray that I find my soul mate, and soon after that I was introduced to my husband through a relative of mine. We now are happily married. Thank you!

Shelly, Orange County

I previously asked you to pray for a girl I know to find her soul mate. Now I’m asking you to pray that she and her husband will be blessed with children! Thank you so much.

Isaac, Philadelphia

My sister is doing fine. She’s been married almost a year now- I guess the prayers did it!

Mark, Phillipines

I'm so excited to tell you that I just got engaged. He is very special and we are getting married soon.  I want to thank you and my prayer agent and I will always be grateful!

Lana, Idaho

I was pretty much the only one of my friends still unmarried and it was getting tiresome.  I had an agent pray 40 days for me and waited.  Finally, it happened!  I met a wonderful man and we will be getting married in a couple of months.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

Rachel, California

I signed up for prayers in September asking God to lead me to my marriage partner and am so thrilled to announce that I became a bride yesterday, less than 2 months later! Thanks so much!

Sara, Detroit

I just wanted to let you know that I'm engaged! We started dating 2 months after I signed up , and got engaged in May! Thanks for your prayers!

Brenda, New Jersey

Our daughter is a bride! Thank you for your prayers.

Laura, Canada

It is with great gratitude that I write to inform you that I am engaged! My groom and I cannot thank you enough. We both believe that my prayers and the prayers of my agent over the last several months were instrumental in the success of our relationship.

anonymous, California

Recovery from Illness

Alexandra's school performance was staggering after she sustained a severe concussion. I asked you to pray that she be healed completely and return back to her bright, witty self. I am thrilled to report that she has began to shine again and her grades are soaring, she was even awarded "Student of the Month"! Thank you for your prayers!

Michelle, Florida

Almost a year ago, our daughter, then 8 ½, became very, very sick. It took almost three months to receive a diagnosis of severe Crohn’s disease. Our sweet child was hospitalized for a week, started on many medications, and began a very strict diet. We got in touch with you and were delighted to hear that someone would be praying for her at the Wailing Wall.

I am so pleased to report that our daughter now looks and feels normal. She takes only two medications per day. She is still on her strict diet, but she is doing great. We feel strongly that the praying at the Wailing Wall was integral to her recovery.

Ellen, Boston

Things are going Great! My thyroid surgery was a total success, the news of NO cancer was the blessing that I was waiting for. My heart was and is rejoicing! Even the surgeon told me that God guided his hand. Additionally, my husband had his second knee surgery and everything went even better this time than the first time. Thank you very much for your prayers!

Darah, California

I asked you to pray 40 days at the Wall that my friend's lung cancer should go into remission. We still have a way to go but so far the news seems positive. The doctors say that the chemo is working and the tumor is shrinking. She is continuing chemo for a few more months and hopefully that will destroy the tumor altogether. Please don't stop praying!

Siobhan Divine, Vancouver

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2001, and I asked you to pray for a complete recovery. My symptoms have improved since my agent has been praying for me. The possibility was also discovered that my symptoms may be due to heavy metal poisoning, which can be corrected with the help of God. Thank you for your kindness & concern.

Tina, Florida

Susie was originally diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago when she was almost 33 years old.  They removed the tumor - it was supposedly small and restricted. She was also treated with chemo and radiation and then pronounced well.  Less than 12 months later the cancer returned and infiltrated the bone, obviously a very aggressive tumor.  Yet now it appears to have stalled and even become somewhat smaller. Now she feels quite well and she looks terrific.

Ted Lidsky , New Jersey

Our daughter thank God is making progress- slowly, but regularly. She is able to make eye contact and in other ways relate to people in a manner that is not typical for children with autism. We have a long, difficult journey ahead of us- but your prayers have helped us find the road to recovery.

Florence Titeux,  France

Just wanted to let you know of the success of the prayers of my prayer agent regarding my proposed neck surgery. G-d repeatedly put roadblocks in the way of my being able to have the surgery even including an infected submandibular gland located at the exact point in my neck that the incision would be. However, with the passage of time from one delay to another, my body apparently laid down scar tissue to stabilize my neck. My symptoms are gone and I no longer need surgery. G-d had a better way. He spared me the ordeal of a major operation and blessed me with a complete healing. All of the delays were messages from G-d to not have the surgery. He even physically prevented me from proceeding. Thank G-d. I thank and praise G-d for opening my eyes to the answer He had already provided for me. I thank G-d for His great mercy and protection. Please extend my appreciation and thanks to my prayer agent.

Tara, New Jersey

I want you to know that the prayers said by my prayer agent for my request were certainly answered. My recurring headaches have disappeared. Please let her know the good news and give her my many thanks for her prayers.

Audrey, Boston

I asked you to pray at the Wall for my friend, David, who was about to undergo a kidney transplant. I wanted to let you know that everything went great with the operation. I saw his wife last week and she said the new kidney is working.  It sounds like the donor is also recovering well too.

Mark, New York

For the last two years my daughter had been suffering from a serious stomach disorder. She couldn’t eat, the food didn’t digest properly, and she  had nausea, stomach cramps, etc. As a result she couldn’t function properly and lead a normal life, she spent long hours immobile.  We went to the doctors, her tests were normal, they gave no treatment. Whatever I knew or people advised to help her we tried. Then we tried the 40 days of prayer- and immediately we found out about a special diet that has changed her life!

Irina Kovaneva, New York

I asked you to pray for my newborn nephew who was suffering from convulsions and could not breathe properly. He was on a respirator and the doctors said that there was little chance he would make it. My brother was feeling pretty hopeless. At first he wouldn't even tell me the sex of the baby. "What's the point?" he said. But a few days after the 40 days started, the baby's condition began to improve dramatically and he started to breateh by himself. That was a few months ago, thank God he is now doing well.  It is truly a miracle.

Jonathan, Illinois

I wanted to let you know that my husband is showing improvement in coping with his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since the 40 days ended. It is a big relief to me. Thank you,

Sara, Arizona

I signed up yesterday for 40 days at the Wall for my aunt. This is my second time I’ve used the Prayers for her with success. The first time was a miracle in itself: she has survived inoperable pancreatic cancer even though the doctors predicted she would live only a few weeks. Yesterday she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Today I get email from you: “Just to let you know, your agent is starting this morning.” I just got a phone call that made my day: they do not believe it is cancer any more.

Barbara, Chicago

We asked you to pray for our nephew, Samuel, who was in a really bad way due to his drug problem. Now he seems to be doing much better. We're taking one day at a time.  We appreciate your prayers and interest.

Norman, California

Since you prayed for my 7-year-old son, who is autistic, things have been going quite well. We are on track, God is being very kind and benevolent.  Thank you for being the angel who coordinates this great help for so many.

Melanie, Miami

My wife Ethal had been suffering from heart and stomach pains. We feared that her condition was dangerous. After the doctors scheduled some serious tests, we asked you to pray for 40 days that the results would be good and my wife would be relieved of her pain. I wanted to let you know that the tests did not show anything serious and my wife is now feeling much, much better. Thank you for helping us,

Abe, Indiana

I asked you to prayer for my twin nephews, who both have autism. There are some very positive results since the prayers started. One of my nephews has shown remarkable improvements and is now saying a few words. The therapists say that this is an amazing achievement for an autistic child such as him. It is a long way forward for them - but this is a very good start in the right direction.

Josh, Oregon

I want to thank you, and my prayer agent who interceded  with strong prayer for my health. For the 40 days that he prayed for me, I discontinued all my medications except for a multi-nutrient. The terrible pain in my left arm and shoulder is almost gone (I feel it a little sometimes to remind me that I am healed), my high blood pressure and diabetes numbers have dropped dramatically, my eyesight is much improved (I can see much better out of left eye now and it is still improving) and my hair is growing (smile). I am sure that this is God's miracle working power produced through my mighty prayer agent. What a blessing for me that God lead me to you and the Wall.

Dorothy, Utah

Since you prayed for me, my allergies have been improving. I've just finished my last “rush start” allergy shot and that I had no visible reaction, even though the concentration of this shot was 5 billion times stronger than the first.  I am on track to being allergy free within a year. Thank you thank you,

Shelley, Connecticut

I asked you to pray for the recovery of my mother, who was terribly ill with cancer. Now I can report that my mother is doing much, much better. She just visited my house for the first time in months.  We went to see the doctor last Thursday and she was amazed at how well Mom is doing. My mother is still very tired but eating up a storm.  She has gained 12 pounds already.

Lauren, Oklahoma

My aunt is doing much better.  Before I signed up for the prayers, the doctors said she had cancer. Since then, they discovered it wasn't cancer after all! It must be a miracle! You’re prayers are much appreciated.

Ellen, Indiana

Thanks to your prayers, I recovered from life-threatening surgery.   The doctors didn’t know whether I’d live or die and I miraculously came out fine. I am happy to say that I am now a fully-functioning human being.

Sharon, South Africa

When we asked you to pray for my mother-in-law the doctors were only giving her a couple of months to live. They didn’t believe she could handle surgery, but she did it and now she is doing much, much better. This is just one of many successes after having you pray for us.  Thanks again for your great work!!!

Brad, Arizona

Kelsey is doing well after an entire year of surgeries (two of which lasted 24 hours a piece) and life or death situations. I firmly believe that her life was spared due to her prayer as well as her extremely dedicated doctors.

Andy, Arizona

After my mother was diagnosed with cancer, we were in a bit of a panic.  I signed her up for 40 days of prayer and miraculously the next test turned out negative - she no longer has cancer.  Thank you for your part in this miracle... we will forever be grateful!

Alex, Los Angeles

My doctors and I thought the worst when I was getting very sick.  All signs pointed to a serious medical problem.  During the 40 days all sorts of tests were performed and 1 by 1 they came out negative. I just want to cry out in joy.  Thank you for your prayers and my renewed faith.

Beth, Staten Island

My wife was recently told that she had a potentially cancerous lump in her breast.  Thank God, even before the 40 day cycle was over, we got word that it was benign. My wife was certain that with the help of God, she would be okay, but knowing that we had an agent at the Wall, comforted her (and me) immensely.

Jeff, Los Angeles

My 1 1/2 yr old grand-daughter was hospitalized with a myriad of problems; including trouble breathing, poor muscle tone, tonsils and adenoids and to top it off a serious virus that affected her respiratory system to the point where she needed oxygen to sleep.  We immediately got an agent to pray for her and within days she was out of the red zone and able to return home to recuperate. She is doing much better now and I am so grateful for your prayers!

Randy, New Jersey

After having prayers said for my eyesight recovery, my sight test results have gotten much better! I am immensely grateful for what you have done and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rodrigo Videla Vargas, Chile

I am thrilled to report that thank God, my friend David, is cancer-free!

Sam, Montreal

I was overcome with deteriorating health and tremendous pain when I contacted your organization.  During the 40 days my condition improved immensely and I eventually recuperated.  I do believe in prayer now and its power to affect everything.

Mandy, California

My sister was diagnosed with cancer.  It was a shock to us.  During the 40 days that an agent prayed for her, a miracle literally happened.  The cancer was gone. Doctors see no trace of it anymore.  I can't understand it, but I'm not complaining.   You do wonderful work.

Lisa, Toronto

After my son was diagnosed with a cyst, I signed up for the your service.  After the 30th day of prayer, his cyst was removed safely and without complications. May you have continued blessing in the work that you do!

Michael, Texas

I was having serious colon problems.  My son was worried, and signed me up for the 40 days' prayer.  On the 36th day, the doctors operated and were astounded to find nothing but a small infection. I was also surprised until I found out that my son had sponsored a prayer agent for me.  Thank you so much!  I am so grateful!

Aaron, Chicago

The doctors gave my mother only 2 months to live. She’s 78 years old and weighed only 84 lbs. We knew that if she was ever going to have a chance to beat a recurring case of cancer, she needed to gain weight. We asked you to pray for us that she would gain weight. My 40 days of prayer ended on April 9. Before the 40 days were over, she had already gained 6 lbs and was doing much better. I attribute this improvement a huge degree to my 40-day prayer. I am very grateful and would like to continue when the first 40-days are up.

Lisa, New York

I am very grateful to my prayer agents, who have prayed on behalf of myself and others. Every day I pray that they should both see tremendous reward. Howard is an elderly gentlemen who had a second stroke and had a dozen doctors tell his family that its was over. The day after the praying started his daughter called me to tell me that her father opened his eyes from a semi coma, ripped out his feeding tube, said "I'm hungry," and started eating. A true miracle!

Nancy, California

Mathew is a young man struggling with a rare cancer. When prayers started for him we were wondering if he would live, He had just been diagnosed with such an aggressive and rare illness. We saw miracles then, of successful treatments and a very successful surgery that miraculously removed the tumors, even when the doctors were not optimistic. He has come a long way and is on a steady path to recovery. Thank you!

Tom, Chicago


Thank G-d! My daughter had a beautiful healthy baby girl this Saturday. All are well... We are so grateful to G-d… Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!

Dr. Sandra Scantling, Connecticut

You prayed for my cousins, who were trying to have a baby for 8 years. "I think we're cursed," my cousin Debbie had told me. David and Debbie's baby was born on January 19, 2009. Thank you so much for all your help in creating this miracle.

Jen, New York

I’m sitting here with my beautiful baby boy Joshua. You prayed for me to find my husband, and I did.  We just gave birth to a new baby boy!  I’ve been so busy being a bride and being pregnant that it’s taken me this long to write you!

Ella and Harry

Easy Birth

Congratulations! My wife Debbie gave birth to a healthy baby girl three hours ago. We asked you to pray for her to have an easy birth. Our other two children were born after very long and traumatic labors and Debbie was naturally nervous about the this birth. She wanted you to pray that this one would be as easy as a chicken laying an egg. Now Debbie says her prayer was truly answered: It was as easy as a chicken laying an egg! I believe that someone praying for us in Jerusalem played a big part in this.

David, South Africa

You prayed 40 days for me to have a child last September. I want to let you know that our daughter Aurora was born on September 7th, almost exactly one year after my 40 days began. She is healthy and very beautiful to us. We are very, very happy and will always be grateful to you. Please send my regards to my prayer agent.

Paulina Aguilar, Chile

Your agents prayed for two of my daughters to get married, and for one of them to have a baby. Thank God all of my prayers were answered; my daughter had a baby boy 10 weeks ago, after 3 years of marriage. My second daughter got married a little over a year ago, and had a baby boy 7 weeks ago. And their younger sister got married a few months later, and she had a baby boy 12 days ago!

Lizzy, England

Congradulations! With Deep Gratitude to God, we welcome the new addition to our family, our firstborn son. Thank you for praying on our behalf.

Samantha, Idaho

Thank you so much for praying for us to become parents. I am so grateful for our beautiful baby girl who was born a few weeks ago.  A true miracle.  Thank God, she’s a good baby and so, so cute.

Michelle, New York

I was married for almost five years and was still hoping and waiting to fall pregnant. After signing up for the prayers, I am happy to say that I am now expecting!

Hannah, New Jersey

Wow.  These prayers are amazing.  It's been only a couple of weeks since we started and my friend is already pregnant!
Thanks for everything.

Cary, Michigan

My husband and I have been trying to have children for a while now.  We were signed up for Prayers without our knowledge and just 2 weeks after the 40 days ended, I became pregnant. I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I can't thank you enough for your kindness!

Rachel, New York

We had been married for a few years already and we had been unable to have a baby. I asked someone to pray 40 days for me and thank God, a few months later I finally became pregnant and, God-willing, will have a healthy baby soon!  All of our blessings and gratitude.

Lisa, Illinois

I asked you to pray 40 days for me to be blessed with children and Thank God, after many years of trying, I am expecting. I’m in my 5th month now, and it is truly a miracle!

Rachel, Washington

I had been struggling with fertility problems for more than a year.  A friend saw how painful this was for me, and arranged for a prayer agent to pray 40 days for me.  Thank God, I had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful baby. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your kindness!

Tara, Albany

Job Success

I have just started a new job which is challenging and exciting.  When I got a prayer agent, I was concerned that since my former employer was being very mean spirited I would not be able to get a reference.  I need to tell you what happened.  The interview process for my new position was easy and proceeded without any problems.  I believe that God opened the hearts and minds of many people to eliminate any obstacles that might have been put in my path. Great huge tears of gratitude pour out of my eyes as I write to you today.

Tom, Canada

You kindly completed a 40-day prayers on my behalf for income for my husband and I'm happy to say that my husband was able to land a job before his severance ran out and was only unemployed for only one week. I was very happy to receive your photo of my agent, it reminds me that I am not alone in my prayers.

Elizabeth, Boston

On wednesday I had an interview for a job position. They called me to sign a contract, I am starting Monday. I want to thank you and my prayer agent for your help.

Angela, Republica Dominicana

Just want to share some good news. Here at work, there were budget cuts transpiring and people being laid off. My husband suggested I have the prayers said for me at the Wailing Wall. Keep saying them (my 40 days aren't finished) because they are helping. I have been passed over this round of firings and am still at my desk, while unfortunately, others are preparing to leave. Keep up the good work.

Annie, Philadelphia

A major one! I got thank G-d: 12 hours teaching in the Fall which means health insurance and benefits. We got my folks into the place we wanted and my husband’s income is good! Wailing Wall works! Thank you again.

Molly, Los Angeles

Thank you so much for your good work. During this trying time for my son, he has managed to calm the waters for now with his creditors, with help from above. The really good news is that he received a promotion at work and starts tomorrow. I know the prayers at the Wailing Wall really helped.

Hellen, Virginia

I am happy to inform you that my son Richard has finally gotten a job. This week, it is confirmed that he passed the probation and was made to sign a 1 year renewable contract. Please send my agent a thank you for his prayer intercession. Now every time something big or small arrives I always thank God for he has blessed me with everything in my favor!

Sonia, Seattle

I knew when the first day of my 40 days began, because good things started to happen immediately. I had a meeting with some local officials who are in charge of the area where I am hoping to build my new center. I was amazed to find that everyone was in full support! This is a great help because these officials are the ones who will issue the building permits.

Dr. Bloom, Maryland

Our forty days of prayer just ended this past Monday.  Our prayer was that my husband would make more money for our family, since the money he was making until now was grossly inadequate.  Today my husband was offered a job with a different company with a salary $30,000 higher than this present job. We are thrilled, pleased and soooooooooooooo  grateful!  Please inform our prayer agent of our blessed news.  Please tell him of our enormous gratitude.

S. Haynes, Tennessee

Jonathan and I would like you to thank the agent very much for praying at the Wall in our behalf. We also want to thank you for having such a beautiful and useful project. The prayers are being answered and Thank God Jonathan's family is doing better financially. He is feeling more stable and with more peace of mind and spirit. Jonathan got a little bit anxious when he knew that the 40 days were over as he felt himself tremendously supported during the whole period. Thanks from the heart,

Robyn, Washington

Thanks for praying for me. Things are looking up for me financially. My sister is selling her house in Maryland and moving back to Nashville, where I live. She will be living at my house and she said she would help me out financially. I know that my prayers have been answered. I feel better knowing the God is taking care of me.


I just finished my 40 days of prayer for my health and my job situation. A week ago I had some happy news because I found out that my job was safe, though I had been worried that I would lose it. I am still praying that my tinnitus will improve. But I haven't lost my hope that God will answer me. With thanks,

Brandon, New York

It is amazing how lately whenever I have been given my paycheck, it has been for more than I expected. I get paid per job every week, and it has always been more than expected. God is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis, Georgia

I’ve had so many successes with 40 days’ prayers. Soon I will be starting a new position with one of this country’s leading investment companies.  I’ll be paid well and in an excellent work environment.
What you are doing is very important, and something I feel strongly about as well.

Barbara, Quebec

I first contacted you after my husband was out of work for quite some time.  He was well-qualified, but no work was available.  His unemployment was really hard on him, and on our marriage. After our first 40 days, things really improved.  Michael got several job offers, but decided that he was going to hold out for the ultimate job.  Now, at the end of our 2nd 40 days, I'm contacting you to tell you that he has accepted a CFO position with a wonderful company.

Lianne, Ohio

My business has picked up since my prayers ended and I am very grateful for that. 
Now, can we work on getting a wife?

Andrew, New York

The prayers are working! I am now driving a car without a car note. Praises to God. May the Rabbi be blessed and highly favored.

Vivian, Chicago

I would like to thank God for all His blessings and my agent for the time he took to pray for me. Things have started to look up for us this past week. My husband got a job that pays minimum wage, which we were not too happy with. Then on Saturday night, we got the good news that he was granted disability pay from the army. Not only will it help with the extras, but he was able to get a federal job. Thank you so much for your time, and may God bless all that you do.

Nina, Texas

The nursing home for which I work had been having financial troubles. I asked you to pray that we be able to provide quality care without any financial difficulties, and during the forty days we saw many changes: 1. Inpatient Hospice Unit under the newly hired nurse practitioner is providing enhanced care for the patients, 2. I started Holistic Healing & Weight Loss classes for the staff of the nursing home, 3. we passed the State survey exceedingly well. Thanks so much!

Gail, New Jersey

We asked you to pray that my husband’s business would be successful. I wanted to let you know that yesterday my husband met with a new potential client. They accepted his proposal, signed the contract, and wrote him a check. Thank God. Just in time for a major expense to be deducted from our account. I am deeply grateful.

Stacy, Baltimore

My husband was offered employment during the 40 days of prayer. My life has been enriched as a result of my connection to your organization. Thank you!

Cheryl, South Dakota

The power of prayer is awesome! I noticed things getting better by the second week. My boss and I haven't become fast friends but she has backed off. I can't thank you enough.

Fran, Seattle

I just wanted to share some good news. I got a promotion at work this past Friday! Please share this news.

Brian, New York

Thank you for praying for my son Adam and his career, it has created a miracle that I will forever be grateful to God for!

Richard, Georgia

I have great news, I got a job! They called me today. I am so excited that I am almost flying. No words can describe my gratitude to you, because I know it's your prayers which brought me this blessing.

Leah, New York



For 8 months we were praying that Karina would have a successful court case and win custody of her daughter, Lindsey. There were many delays along the way, but we know that God is in charge of the situation and that everything happens for a reason, it is all part of God's plan and we need to let it unfold. Someone once told me, if I allow a rose to open, one petal at a time, then I have a object of beauty. But if I force it open, pulling its leaves apart, all I'm left with is a mess. After 8 long months we won the court case! Karina was granted joint legal and sole physical custody. She has been smiling all day and Lindsey is dancing and singing. Thank you so much for teaching us to pray, read the Psalms and give charity. It's been a very positive force in our lives.

Sharon, Karina and Lindsey, Indiana


Your prayers for my relationship have helped me and Sanders so immensely and we are closer than ever. I am so grateful.

Malia, Los Angeles

Clarity and Life Improvement

Thank you for all your help and please send my thanks to the agent that prayed for me. Thank God I had the clarity I needed to leave my husband. God has also sent me a job, which I love!

Rachel, California

Return From War Zone

God was merciful to me and my family. He returned my son, Matthew safe and sound after a 15-month deployment, including 12 months in Iraq, where he was an infantry soldier. He was a gunner on a humvee, and he frequently was involved in hostile combat situations. I am absolutely certain that the prayers at the Wailing Wall were received and were heard. Additionally, knowing that the prayers were offered gave much comfort to me and to him throughout his deployment in the war zone.

I am very grateful to God and to your organization.

Stephen D. Finstein, Dallas, TX

Successful Family Relationships

Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of you and my prayer
request. It is my deep, heartfelt belief that my life has changed
180 degrees because of the 40 days’ prayer
. Thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement, and when you speak to my agent who prayed at the Wailing Wall for me for 40 days, please give him my heartfelt thanks and blessing for him and his family.

Sarah, Florida

Life Improvement

I asked you to pray for me to get over my fear of being around others. Great news, my prayers have been answered! But it does not stop there, I have become a new person who is able to socialize, go on retreats, and even began looking for a job. Thank you!

Jenny, Arizona

New Tenants

Please tell my prayer agent that I received responsible new tenants for the properties. A few months ago, a lawyer begged me to file bankruptcy but God saved the day and blessed me with 2 sets of new tenants who like where they are living and are paying their rent on time. The prayers that were said for me asking God to protect the properties have all been answered.

Forrest Casey, New York

Successful Court Case

I was falsely accused of an extremely serious crime. I was petrified of what seemed like imminent jail time. After my first 40 days, my court case was post-poned. After the next 40 days, my next court case was post-poned again and when a final date was set, I got an agent to pray 40 days one more time. Just a couple of days before I was set to go before a very tough judge, the person who accused me gave a full confession. The charges were dropped, and my innocence was revealed. It was truly a miracle and I am very grateful to your prayer warriors and to God.

Marcello, New York

Release from Incarceration

I had asked you to pray for a former teacher of mine who was incarcerated against his will in a nursing home. Against all expectations, he came home during the prayer period and is now living alone in his own home and driving to his doctors’ appointments. Until then he had had attorneys working on the case, and had fights with his family because they could not get him out. Honestly, it could only be prayer. Thank you so much.

Margaret, Dallas

Success on Exam

This morning I took my exam and it went very well. I am now on my way to successfully completing my Ph.D. Thank G-d!!! Please say many thanks on my behalf to my prayer agent.

Mark, Italy


My prayer absolutely came true even better than I could imagine! I was so close to losing all of my inheritance money, but in the end I got to keep most of it.

Charlotte, Orlando


During my 40 days Henry relapsed, lost his job, and went back into treatment. Although it was painful for me to watch, I knew God was doing exactly what we had asked, taking care of Henry in the "sweetest way possible" . Then a miracle happened; Henry was given another chance at his job and has been sober since! I know the prayers are working!

Sarah, Texas

Better Marriage

My husband has seen success from the very beginning of the 40 days, he found a therapy which seems to be ridding him of his childhood scars. Regarding myself there is an ongoing improvement in my ability to be kind and not judgmental. Little by little things are improving all around.

Peace with an In-law

I first wrote to you in a state of worry and despair for the troubles that seemed to be tearing my once loving family apart. My younger son, Wayne, is married and his wife had launched a vicious and slanderous campaign against myself and my older son in the attempt to turn Wayne and their two children against us and pursuade them to cut off all contact. The situation was incredibly painful for me and I felt that there was nothing I could do, nowhere I could turn. Then I heard about your service and I knew immediately that powerful prayer was the only hope for a resolution to this conflict. I asked you to pray that there be peace in my son's house and that his wife's hatred towards his mother and brother be removed. I want you to know that God has answered our prayers: my son's wife and I have made peace! It was me that put out my hand first, which was hard, but the fact that she was willing to come towards me is truly a miracle.

God bless you and yours and all those who help through prayers.

Mary, Iowa


I asked you to pray that I would find clarity whether the guy I was dating was right for me. During that time I forgot all about him. It didn't matter if he was interested or not, I saw that it wasn't best for me. The Prayer was answered. In addition, I met someone new during that 40 days. I really believe with my whole heart in the 40 day process.Thanks for your help.

Carolyn, London

Marriage Progress

I believe that I will be reporting some good news soon as my friend just asked me for my "ring size." He is supposed to visit me here soon. I feel like the prayers at the Wall were the beginning. Mine is very complex situation in that I have a daughter who needs a special father and this man lives far. Only God can orchestrate such a match....(with a lot of help from wonderful people like you and my agent.)

Dorris, New Jersey

Getting into School

I sincerely thank all of you for completing my first 40 days of prayers at the Wailing Wall. Please tell my agent I said “Thank You.” The LECOM School of Pharmacy called me on the 10th of July and asked me if I was still interested in attending their school. I told them yes and they told me I will hear from them again next Monday. They will let me know my status on the alternate candidate list. I shall surely let you guys know when they confirm it that I have been officially admitted into the pharmacy program. Thank You and may God Bless.

Peter, Texas


I wanted to update you on some amazing developments. My friend Rebecca has broken off her relationship, she realized that he was not good for her and her children. For her to realize this is a huge step in the right direction.  Since then she has started dating another man. I am not sure if it is serious but one thing I am sure of: The power of prayer is really amazing. Mind-boggling.....and that's an understatement. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of this.

Sabrina, Michigan

Improved Relationship

Thank you so much for the 40 Day Prayer, which just ended last week.  During this 40 Days, I must say that Mike and I became much closer then before. This has made me very happy.  I know the prayer for us to be together is working, although it needs a little bit more praying.  I must ask you to please pray for me again for the next 40 days. Hopefully after that I will have GREAT news for you.

Jackie, Boston

Court Case

I asked you to pray for me when I was in the middle of a very serious law suit against my former employers. I wanted to let you know that we were successful in winning the case. Thanks!

Tammy, Montreal

Marriage: Avoiding Mr. Wrong

I am considering asking for another 40 days after everything that happened in the last period. I asked you to pray that I would be reunited with my ex-boyfriend and that we would get married. Our painful, on-again, off-again relationship had been unresolved for over two years but I really believed that he was the one for me. Anyway, during the 40 days it became very apparent to me that that guy is truly a selfish person and definitely not someone I want to marry. I have now totally accepted our break-up as a blessing. Now will you pray for me to find the real Mr. Right?

Hartley, New Jersey

Inner Peace

I have been looking for a husband for a while and I was feeling quite depressed. I asked you to pray that I would feel good and make progress in my life, no matter what God has planned for me. After my 40 days started a few things happened that really made me realize that getting married is not the immediate answer to issues that I need to deal with beforehand. I have faith that when the time is right, things will fall into place.
With thanks for your wonderful service,

Patricia, Toronto

Improved Relationship

I asked you to pray for my daughter and her fiancé. They were having serious relationship issues and were considering calling off the wedding. I have felt a lot of comfort knowing that the prayers were being said at the Wailing Wall, along with our prayers.  Rachel and Daniel are now going to a counselor to work out a few fundamental questions and I can see that they are making progress.  I feel that the prayers have helped, and hope that they are able to get some clarity and that this relationship works out.

Rebecca, California

Buying a House

I asked you to pray for us to find a new house and to sell our old one. Well, we signed the contract to the new house back in June and now we are just waiting for the closing. Everything has been going great and the sellers are very nice. We also were able to find a buyer for house that we were selling.

Thank you for your prayers.

Robert, Winnipeg

Victory Over Enemies

I have always believe that prayer is a very powerful tool and I have seen this once again through the power of your prayers. I don't want to give specifics but there were certain people who were making my life very difficult. Since you prayed for me at the Wall, I have had victory over my enemies. God has taken me in a new and unexpected direction in life that is a welcome change. Please thank my prayer agent from me.

Greg, Ottawa

Avoiding the Wrong Girl

I came to you with an unusual prayer. I asked you to pray for me that my girlfriend would break up with me, despite my love for her.  She wasn't right for me but I was terrified of hurting her.  I'm writing to tell you that she finally let me go.  It was painful but a huge relief that she ended it before I had to. Thanks to my prayer agent and thanks for the service.

Paul, Los Angeles

Better Marriage

I’m happy to report that I think that the prayers at the Wall worked. It has not been a 180º change, but at least my husband and I feel a sense of better understanding between us. It has been a big improvement, and I believe that it will be a base for a better relationship overall.

Sarina, Paris

Successful Court Case

I was involved in a bitter court case with some relatives who accused me of elder abuse when I was helping to look after my aunt. The accusations were malicious and false and the culmination of a long history of jealous and bitter actions against me by these relatives. I submitted a prayer request that I would be successful in the court case. I want you to know my ordeal has finally come to a close. I won the case and the truth did come out! One thing is for sure, knowing someone else was praying for me at the Wall made me feel more in touch with God. Thank you all for your time and prayers.

Rachel, Connecticut

Spiritual Success

Our son had turned his back on his religion and was living with his girlfriend. After the first 40 days he moved back home and after the second 40 days he returned to the faith. We can’t thank you enough.

Donna, New Mexico

A Beautiful Home

We asked you to pray for us to find a home near my work. We couldn’t possibly afford such an apartment, but after the 40 day we found a beautiful home near work at a price we could afford. Thank you.

Jorge, San Diego

Weight Loss

I’ve lost 45 lbs since my 40 days of prayers began. I look really good now, and it does make a difference in how I feel.  Thank you for your guidance and support.

Shelly, New York.

Lost items found

I knew my engagement ring was somewhere in the house. I’d found my wedding band, but not the engagement ring. I asked you to have someone pray at the Wall for me that I would find my ring and other lost objects in our household- and it worked! I now have my engagement ring again, as well as my previously lost eyeglasses.

Rose, California

Children’s Schooling

I was having trouble getting my daughter into a good school. So much trouble that I felt we needed strong prayers.  Well, we wound up finding an exceptional school with only a few kids and a great teacher.  My daughter was the very last girl to be accepted and we are thrilled.

Marcy, Georgia


When my daughter was accused of a crime she didn't commit, our whole life was thrown upside-down.  Then God led me to this prayer service at the Wall.  The charges were dropped and her innocence was publicly revealed.  Thank you and thank God!


Overcome Addiction

My son was struggling with an addiction.  I felt helpless, and arranged for a Wailing Wall agent to pray for him for 40 days. I couldn't believe it, but he personally checked himself into a re-habilitation clinic.  God-willing, he will remain stable forever.  Thank you so much for your care.


Successful Family Relationship

My son had stopped speaking to me because his mother and I are getting divorced. I asked you to pray for me that my relationship with him would improve. Things are much better and continuing in a positive direction. Not completely out of the woods yet, but getting there. Please thank the agent who prayed for us at the Wailing Wall. Thank you for your help.

Michael, Los Angeles


My daughter and her friend were getting into a bad crowd. Being a religious person, this was a shock to our family and we immediately took action through getting a prayer agent for both of them.  I'm so happy to say that things got much better for them at the end of the 40 days. I would like to continue the prayers until they are 100% in the clear.

Pamela, Maryland

Innocence Revealed

I am an upstanding member of my community.  So, when a bank brought forth charges of alleged fraud on my behalf I contacted you.  I'm writing to tell you that all charges have been dropped against me. They realized that they had no basis.  God is truly wonderful.

Morris, Australia

Buying a House

I have good news to report. I was pre-approved to purchase a home. I was stunned and surprised! Most importantly, I was grateful to God and to your organization for all the prayers and good wishes that went out on my behalf. Please thank the team and the person who prayed for me.

Hanna, Florida

Harassment at Work

I really didn't think anything could possibly help the terrible discrimination I was experiencing at work. Things were only getting worse.
But, a miracle happened - my employer went overboard and broke the law. Now, the tables have turned and my employers are scared for their jobs and reputation.  So, things have really improved for me.  I have a leg to stand on in court now.

Molly, Virginia

Identity Theft

I have been struggling significantly with major identity theft for the last 2 years, and emotional wipe out from tremendous stress. I finally resolved these issues during the 40 days. This was AMAZING. I was in tears when I received word that the papers were processing. Additionally, when I was told it would take 2 weeks, it suddenly came in two DAYS. I can't thank you enough.

Elaine, New York

Life Improvement

Thanks to God through the auspices of your organization my life has become more and more remarkable every day. I can say that my life has DRAMATICALLY turned for the better, and I'm sure that your prayers are anchoring the blessings.

Sam, New York

Improved Relationship

Thank you all and please tell my agent thank you for me and that God is using him in awesome ways. I have been seeing great improvements in my relationship with my boyfriend, William, in less than a month of prayer. Seeing great improvement and growth in my relationship has made me ecstatic and has increased my declined faith level. I am seeing once again that God has not forgotten me and still loves me.

Lisa, Washington

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