Prayer Request Options

Types of Prayers

Standard Prayers:
A pious prayer messenger will go to the Wailing Wall to pray on your behalf as well as others for 40 consecutive days. Minimum: approx. $2/day ($95 tax-deductible).

Exclusive Prayers:
A pious prayer messenger will go to the Wailing Wall to pray exclusively on your behalf for 40 consecutive days. The entire Bircas HaTorah Rabbinical School will say a Psalm for you. Minimum: approx. $9/day ($365 tax-deductible).

Personalized Exclusive Prayers:
In addition to an exclusive prayer, over the course of the 40 days, the entire Book of Psalms or King Solomon's Song of Songs will be recited at the Wailing Wall. Minimum: $18/day ($720 US + up tax-deductible).

Premier Prayers:
With special permission from the Council of Rabbis in Israel, 10 pious prayer messengers will pray together for 40 days at the holiest place where Jews are allowed to go - deep in the Wailing Wall tunnels across from the Holy of Holies. This excludes Shabbat, when they will pray at the Wailing Wall itself. This site is not available for public prayer. Because of its holiness, special permission is required and is only given in rare circumstances. Minimum: $1,800 tax-deductible.

Choice Prayers:
In addition to the Premier Prayers, the entire Book of Psalms (over 150 psalms) will be recited every single day at the Wailing Wall for you and the entire Bircas HaTorah Rabbinical School will say a few Psalms. Minimum: $3,600 tax-deductible.

40 day prayers can also be said at the tomb of King David on Mt. Zion and at the tomb of the Holy Kabbalist, the Arizal, in Safed (Minimum: $540 tax-deductible).

The prayer is a 3-part praise, request and thank you, together with psalms, which we will send you upon sign-up.

For all prayer options, your proxy will act as your agent, as if you were standing at the Wailing Wall in person. They will also go to the Wall itself and not just have it in eyesight.

Your prayer will be personally composed based on your requested prayer and personal description

  • You will receive an email with your prayer start date and description of your prayer messenger
  • You will receive an email with suggested positive practices to take on to help your prayers be answered
  • Assuming the prayer messenger completes his round the first time successfully, you will receive an email confirming that your 40 days was completed.
  • God-willing, you will receive an emailed picture of your prayer messenger at the Wailing Wall within a few weeks of your 40-days ending.

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